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Bloody Sunday Centenary
[Recorded:11/21/2020, Added:12/3/2020]

Bloody Sunday centenary commemoration Croke Park, 1920 -2020

U-13 Lockdown Training Session
[Recorded:5/4/2020, Added:5/6/2020]

Whilst our U-13 footballers are missing training, matches, their friends and of course their coaches, here they are having a virtual kick-about with each other. Great to see them all keeping well. Looking forward to getting back at it, at some point this year.

School Around The Bend 1
[Recorded:10/20/2017, Added:10/25/2017]

Intro & Sister Act

School Around The Bend 2
[Recorded:10/20/2017, Added:10/25/2017]

Last Of The Summer Wine

School Around The Bend 3
[Recorded:10/20/2017, Added:10/25/2017]

The Three Tenors
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