Match Report

Aghaderg 7-14, Annaclone 1-2

Date Filed: 12 August 2022

Our U-15’s hosted Annaclone this evening in the latest stage of championship football. These two sides now know each other very well as they have meet on four occasions this year with Aghaderg winning on every occasion.

In the first half Aghaderg started with an early goal and a couple of points, it looked like the Derg were going to run away with the win, but Annaclone dug in deep and battled hard to keep our forwards quiet. A mixture of great tackling from the Annaclone back line and wasteful forward play kept the score close in the first half.

Aghaderg 1-6  Annaclone 1-2

Second half was a different story, our lads played great pass and move football, Annaclone couldn’t cope with the movement from our forwards and this was backed up with a very aggressive back line.

Final score Aghaderg 7-14  Annaclone 1-2

A Strain, E Brackenbury, O McGrath, J McShane, B Brackenbury, A Keenan, C Muckian(C), A Bell, C Comiskey, S Devlin, M McKay, D McKernan, C McQuaid, J Trimby, J Kearney, L Simpson, J McSherry.
We go again next week away to Dundrum.