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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ballyvarley took part in the 2013 Handball Feile in Saval for the first time in recent history. Despite only having a few hours practice, they gave it their all and played matches against Warrenpoint, Clonduff and Mayobridge.

Those representing the club were ;
James McKey, Callum McConville, Paddy McGrath and Michael Mckey.

Three of the boys are still U14 next year and with a bit more practice will be very competitive in the future.

2013 Down Handball Feile Report 
This years Handball Feile was a great success. Held across two venues Saval and Clonduff, due to the increased number of clubs taking part, it was great to see such interest in the game. The boy’s competition was held in Saval and was split into two divisions.
In division one there was some close matches, fine rallies and great skills on display. The RGU boys won through in the end and in fact both RGU 1 and RGU2 contested the final, reversing the trend over recent years of Saval dominance in the competition.
The skills contest was as always an enjoyable spectacle and again it was the RGU taking the honors with Tim Prenter showing why he is one of the club and county’s up and coming stars.

Division two featured some of the newer clubs to the competition; Mayobridge, Warrenpoint and Ballyvarley were welcome participants for the first time. They were joined by a young Clonduff 2 team in a contest enjoyed by an equally welcome and at times raucous support base.
The final produced a surprise winner with the strong performance of the Warrenpoint team, showing impressive co-ordination and ability for such novices to the game.       

2013 proved to be an historic year for GAA Handball in Down Feile. Teams from RGU, Clonduff and Mayobridge competed in Clonduff to become the inaugural girls feile winners.
The RGU girls proved to be too strong on the day defeating Clonduff in the final. However it is hoped that the recently established Clonduff and Mayobridge teams will go from strength to strength for next year.
In what was to be a very successful day for RGU, Rachel McKeown was winner of the skills competition.
Boys Division one Results:
          Rgu 1 v Clonduff: 2-0
          Clonduff v Rgu: 0-2
          Rgu 2 v Rgu 1: 2-0
          Clonduff 1 v Saval: 2-0
          ( Saval withdrew due to player injury)
          Rgu 1 v Rgu 2 : 2-0
Boys Division two Results:
          Warrenpoint v Clonduff 2: 1-1 (17-21, 21-10)
          Ballyvarley v Mayobridge: 0-2 (2-21,  8-21)
          Clonduff 2 v Ballyvarley: 2-0 (21-4, 21-9)
          Mayobridge v Warrenpoint: 0-2 (6-15, 14-15)
          Warrenpoint v Ballyvarley: 2-0 (15-2, 15-10)
          Clonduff 2 v Warrenpoint: 1-1 (15-7, 2-15)
Warrenpoint winners on aggregate score.
Girls Results:
Clonduff v Mayobridge 2-0  (21-14, 21-0)
RGU v Clonduff 2-0  (21-14, 21-0)
RGU v Mayobridge 2-0  (21-0, 21-0)
Final –
RGU v Clonduff 2-0  (21-4, 21-0)
Skills –
Boys Winner – Tim Prenter
Girls Winner - Rachel McKeown
            Runners-up - Eilish Murphy & Clara (Clonduff)